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The website for the best-designed, hand-crafted ostomy pouch covers one can buy!

Hi fellow ostomates! 


A few years ago, I had an ileostomy and my doctor then advised me to use an ostomy cover on the plastic pouch.   Yet, I didn't find a pouch cover that met my needs; so I created my own!   If you've had a colostomy, ileostomy, or urostomy with resulting stoma, you also can benefit from my experience.  


My pouch covers are designed and crafted to the highest standards--and at very competitive prices!   Covers are made from a blend of cotton, satin, and polyester-knit fabric -or- 100% cotton knit so you will have comfort and ease of care.


For knit pouches, available colors are white, black, pink, khaki, and cream.  In satin, available colors are black, white, coffee, pink, blue, and cream.  We also have various Whimsical and children's prints made of woven fabric backed with knit. 


Pouch Pals are custom fit to each style of ostomy pouch and flange opening.  The Generic style is designed to fit pouches with various-sized flange openings.  If you desire another color or a specific whimsical pattern, e-mail me and I will see if I can make one for you.


Pouch Pals' ostomy pouch covers are hand crafted in the heartland, where quality and top value are still homespun virtues.  


Mouse-click on one of the pictures to your left to view a design style.


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